Marginal Gains For Darts?

The phenomenal success of British Cycling, over the last decade or more, has meant the theory of marginal gains has received a great deal of attention. The theory, as applied by Dave Brailsford, is that the combined effect of tiny improvements in many areas will add up to a significant overall gain.    In cycling, everything from the design of the bike to the material of … Continue reading Marginal Gains For Darts?

Drill of the Day – The Putting Green.

Area – The Practice Board   Here is a gentle start to your practise, a fun game that is easy to play, but hard to master. The Putting Green involves single dart accuracy, board use and decision making.  The scoring is simple: 1 point for a treble, 2 for a double, 3 for a single and 5 if you miss the segment completely. The aim, is to score … Continue reading Drill of the Day – The Putting Green.

Game of the Day – Kill Bull!

We are often asked for ideas for your home practice sometimes others come along that are too good to miss. The Kill Bull Game from is one of them. This one has been featured on social media so we had a look. Its a nice, quick, game to work on your bull hitting. Coach says: “This is nice simple game that can be scaled up … Continue reading Game of the Day – Kill Bull!

Game of the Day – SwitchBlade.

Today’s, darting isolation, drill/game of the day is called SwitchBlade. It’s a very simply way to get your eyes, & body, used to switching away from its main target. The art of ‘positive switching‘, to hit higher scores rather than from a maths views, was mastered and illustrated by Dennis Priestley, in his first World title run he amazed viewers with his habitual clocking of treble 18. This … Continue reading Game of the Day – SwitchBlade.