A.I.M: Instinct!

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Precision in every millimetre.
Trust Your Instincts!

While developing our Alchemy range, A.I.M: came across a little discussed fact: Many exceptional players use light or very light darts. For example, Ted Hankey, Dennis Priestley and Stephen Bunting’s arrows all weight in at less than 18g.

This intrigued one of the players we work with and we set about creating a unique, precision dart for those confident enough to use it!

Again A.I.M: studied thousands of legs of darts, both recorded and in person, to gain an overall picture of the advantages and downsides of these specialist models. We then hit the data and the history books.

After talking to players who used these models or had done before, as well as those who had customised existing sets, the following year was spent designing, commissioning and testing. Both the dart and the set up were tested to near extinction. By the final prototype (DX11) we were happy.

A.I.M: Instinct, is a dart that goes against the grain of conventional dart production:

The Final Prototype!
  • 95% Natural Tungsten
  • Ultra Slim 5.6mm tapering to 3.6mm
  • 36mm in Length
  • Collared Point (One-Piece feel)
  • Premium Set Up

If you’ve courage to try them, you’ll soon trust your Instincts! http://www.ebay.co.uk/str/aimdarts

The Instinct Story

Instinct, by A.I.M:, is an ultra-lightweight, ultra-slim, precision dart leading to high-level accuracy & performance

“Instinct” were designed after analysis of, and consultation with, some of the best players to play the professional game. Every millimetre of the dart has been considered. From point tip to flight style. 

Inspired by a combination of the throw and equipment of World Champions and some of the best research & design of recent times. 

At 11g in weight & 95% tungsten AIM: “Instinct” are precision instruments for elite level performance. 

Every set is handmade by one of the UK’s leading independent dart makers. 

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