Nick Fullwell

From a career low to the World Championships!

A.I.M: responded to Nick’s request, for assistance, in 2015/16. We had known him for a number of years and had been disappointed to see his slump in performance. Nick, and his sponsor, had decided that a new approach was needed and together we set about reversing the decline.

New practise regimes, some reversal of mental baggage, A.I.M’s redesign, and making, of his darts were all instituted and combined with a huge amount of hard work from Nick.

In a twelve month period Nick progressed from returning from a Challenge Tour weekend without a penny, in prize money, to returning from a Tour weekend with his first PDC Title, and other strong runs, and almost £2,500.

Despite being struck by personal tragedy Nick has progressed ever since! This year he qualified for the World Masters and the BDO World Championships and has won title within both the PDC & BDO codes.

Nick is one of the nicest, and most genuine, people within the darts world. A.I.M: are delighted with his success and stay regularly in contact.

Cover Pic: BDO ( Tip Top Pics)

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  1. I didn’t much care for nick 3-4 years ago but since met him agin at Bridlington last year he has changed and does seem a very nice bloke and I do wish him well this year. You have done a fine job AIM

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