Why, Why, Why ? Ban Delilah!

The silly season is upon us again, by this we mean the season in which perspective and reality are lost to small mindedness and ignorance. This time honoured tradition recently saw the notion of banning Delilah from sporting stadia, Wales Rugby Union & Stoke City FC, put forward by Dafydd Iwan. The motive behind this was that the song glorifies a murder and speaks lightly … Continue reading Why, Why, Why ? Ban Delilah!

In desperate times, call out the old guard.

The appointment of Neil Warnock as manager at Crystal Palace is merely confirmation of the desperate tactic employed by chairmen/owners who then lack the courage of the convictions that drove them to the decision. It seems that the Premier League is currently beholden to the appointment of young managers from a generation of supposedly progressive coaches. Preferably these individuals will have been seen to serve … Continue reading In desperate times, call out the old guard.