The English Can Coach!

With the recent end of the 2015/6 Premier League, the headcount of English managers is at an all time low. Three English coaches are in place with clubs that retain their top flight status. Eddie Howe has done a tremendous job with Bournemouth, Alan Pardew has kept Palace in the division whilst reaching the FA Cup final and Sam Allardyce has, yet again, performed a … Continue reading The English Can Coach!

Martin O’Neil – Often Underestimated, Rarely Defeated.

Unusually, in football, Martin O Neil gives off the impression of intelligence that is not restricted to his chosen sport. Having stalled a law degree, to attempt to make the grade at Nottingham Forest, he was christened Dr.,by Brian Clough, due to this intelligence popping up at times that the maestro found irritating. An immense playing career followed the arrival of Clough at Forest, The … Continue reading Martin O’Neil – Often Underestimated, Rarely Defeated.

Premier League Fan Rip Off ? Think Again.

During a recent lively social media exchange, with a friend, the claim was made that, in 1968, it was possible to see the league champions for a small sum of what previous generations called “old money”. This claim was used as a stick with which to berate the devil that is modern football, specifically The Premier League. Being a glass is half full type of … Continue reading Premier League Fan Rip Off ? Think Again.

In praise of Gerrard : A Titan amongst Pygmies!

The statement of his intention to leave Liverpool at the end of the season sums up Steven Gerard in many ways. His influence and value to the history laden club is less easy to understate. Now into his 17th year of 1st team action it is impossible to separate the captain from the 21st century chapter in Liverpool FC history. Gerrard’s debut came in 1998 … Continue reading In praise of Gerrard : A Titan amongst Pygmies!

Why, Why, Why ? Ban Delilah!

The silly season is upon us again, by this we mean the season in which perspective and reality are lost to small mindedness and ignorance. This time honoured tradition recently saw the notion of banning Delilah from sporting stadia, Wales Rugby Union & Stoke City FC, put forward by Dafydd Iwan. The motive behind this was that the song glorifies a murder and speaks lightly … Continue reading Why, Why, Why ? Ban Delilah!

Always back Harry Redknapp!

The above phrase has been a mantra in our house for over a decade. I have always liked a bit of a gamble and over the years Harry has provided me with family holidays, consumer goods and a great deal of smug satisfaction. Yet for reasons best known to themselves there have always been a large and loud group who decry Harry both personally and … Continue reading Always back Harry Redknapp!

The Greatest Team?

Following John Kirwan’s recent claim that “the current ‘All Blacks’ are the greatest team ever in any sport “, others have suggested alternatives and the lists are dominated by football sides. To widen the parameters considered here is a top five in which no sport features more than once. West Indies 1976-89 (Cricket) Seldom has a team dominated any sport like this outfit achieved from … Continue reading The Greatest Team?

Brian Clough, Memories & Legacy.

The 10 year anniversary of the passing of the man many call the Master Manager has not gone unmarked. Time will not fade the memories of those who watched,  the man himself, playing for Middlesborough or Sunderland, scoring two hundred and fifty plus league goals in record time. Nor will they forget watching the teams he went on to manage. Starting, as the league’s youngest … Continue reading Brian Clough, Memories & Legacy.

In desperate times, call out the old guard.

The appointment of Neil Warnock as manager at Crystal Palace is merely confirmation of the desperate tactic employed by chairmen/owners who then lack the courage of the convictions that drove them to the decision. It seems that the Premier League is currently beholden to the appointment of young managers from a generation of supposedly progressive coaches. Preferably these individuals will have been seen to serve … Continue reading In desperate times, call out the old guard.