Mark Webster: Diamond SE

​A new mark Webster dart always serves to remind us just how good Mark is and what he managed to contribute to the game at such an early stage. Webby was Lakeside World Champion and twice third in the PDC version and provided a welcome contrast to the perception of dart players. Mark Webster’s weapons of choice have undergone a radical reformation over the past … Continue reading Mark Webster: Diamond SE

Coral UK Open 2016 – Days 1 & 2

The UK Open lived up to it reputation as the FA Cup of Darts again on the first two days of the 2016 edition. Riley’s qualifiers gave it their all and many Pro’s were given a tough time. Even MVG was subdued, and The Power struggled, in the early the early rounds. The Giant Killing Starts Robert Thornton, the 2012 champion, became the biggest casualty of … Continue reading Coral UK Open 2016 – Days 1 & 2