The English Can Coach!

With the recent end of the 2015/6 Premier League, the headcount of English managers is at an all time low. Three English coaches are in place with clubs that retain their top flight status. Eddie Howe has done a tremendous job with Bournemouth, Alan Pardew has kept Palace in the division whilst reaching the FA Cup final and Sam Allardyce has, yet again, performed a … Continue reading The English Can Coach!

Tactical Blunders: 6 of the Worst Sporting Decisions.

After great moments of sporting triumph, or disaster, many folks are paid to discuss the reasons behind such moments. Why did one side win? or one player has an edge on a certain day? On some occasions, it really does not take an army of pundits to see the failure and the direct cause. The costly tactical blunder is as a true a part of … Continue reading Tactical Blunders: 6 of the Worst Sporting Decisions.

Darts, The Technology Game? Part II

In the first part of , The Technology Game? we looked at the recent explosion in technology innovations and advances that have been introduced over the last decade or so. Here in Part II  we will look at Flights, Stems, Points and more. The main areas covered in Part 1 included; Premium marketing, barrel design and grip variations. All have been given a high profile … Continue reading Darts, The Technology Game? Part II

Darts – A Constructors Championship?

Three years ago the idea of a type of constructors championship, for darts, was floated among the darting forum and social media world. It is fair to say it was not very well received. ( It always struck me that the idea had some merit. Reward always motivates companies, as well as people, and the thought of being able to claim to be the best … Continue reading Darts – A Constructors Championship?

Martin O’Neil – Often Underestimated, Rarely Defeated.

Unusually, in football, Martin O Neil gives off the impression of intelligence that is not restricted to his chosen sport. Having stalled a law degree, to attempt to make the grade at Nottingham Forest, he was christened Dr.,by Brian Clough, due to this intelligence popping up at times that the maestro found irritating. An immense playing career followed the arrival of Clough at Forest, The … Continue reading Martin O’Neil – Often Underestimated, Rarely Defeated.

Grand Slam of Darts 2015 – Part III – The Last 16

So, with the preliminaries and mini drams are over its time for the survivors to battle it out over a longer stretch. This years group stages have been full of emotional value, a few controversial elements and a very high standard of darts. The sheer number of players, from both codes, averaging over 100 during the group stages gives an indication but the the number … Continue reading Grand Slam of Darts 2015 – Part III – The Last 16

Two Shots for Double Dekker?

PDC Dart player Jan Dekker, exploits ranking system to perfection as UK players disadvantaged. Jan Dekker is a Dutch dart player of considerable talent. He has reached the later stages of the BDO ( British Darts Organisation) Lakeside World Championship on more than one occasion and has shown a strong big game temperament. He has always appeared an intelligent and well-informed person and player. He … Continue reading Two Shots for Double Dekker?