Mission Go To Infinity

It’s launch day once again, this time for Mission Darts, and their eagerly anticipated ‘Infinity’ range! The new flagship board for Mission is the new Samurai Infinity, the successor to the popular Samurai II board used within the UKDA County System. The Samurai Infinity is marketed as a “Professional High Quality Bristle Dartboard”, with several alterations and improvements from the previous design. The board features … Continue reading Mission Go To Infinity

Vincent Extends with Winmau

Winmau seem to have really moved up a gear with the re-signing of their talented playing roster another big names re committed after yesterday’s MVG announcement: Vincent Van Der Voort, the godfather of Dutch darts, continues his journey with Winmau. Since joining Winmau back in 2020, he has added a huge depth of darting knowledge and support to the company with his exceptional darts knowledge. … Continue reading Vincent Extends with Winmau