The Darts World 50 – 1978

Leighton Rees staked his claim to darting immortality at the first official World Championships. His defeat of John Lowe, in the final, capped the early period of Welsh darting dominance. The much-loved Leighton Rees proved too strong for England’s John Lowe. The ‘red mist’ had featured Rees, Evans, Ridler, and Obbard, among others, hoovering up major events and team titles. Rees himself was one of … Continue reading The Darts World 50 – 1978

The Darts World 50 – 1973

This article, from Issue 2, is essentially a scoop on the birth of the BDO. The ‘Super Teams’ are in fact the early Counties and the National League that is ‘likely to be formed this spring’ became what was the BICC league and is currently the UKDA’s National League! Lookout for Alan Towe’s fuller explanation of the events surrounding this seminal moment in UK darts. … Continue reading The Darts World 50 – 1973