Championship Darts Extend PDC Partnership

NORTH AMERICAN darts will surely continue its rapid rise in quality and influence since the establishment of the Championship Darts Corporation under the auspices of Peter Citera. An extension of their arrangements with the PDC has just been announced: The Professional Darts Corporation is pleased to announce a three-year extension to its partnership with the Championship Darts Corporation, the leading darts organisation in North America. … Continue reading Championship Darts Extend PDC Partnership

Winma Extend DPA Deal

The increasingly global nature of our game, and the need for its biggest brands to have a worldwide presence, is resulting in more and more tie-ups between the UK’s big darts beasts and international stakeholders. One of the hottest areas is Australia who have seen rapid post-pandemic development which has not gone unnoticed by one of biggest darts companies. Winmau announced from their Cardiff headquarters: … Continue reading Winma Extend DPA Deal