Marginal Gains For Darts?

The phenomenal success of British Cycling, over the last decade or more, has meant the theory of marginal gains has received a great deal of attention. The theory, as applied by Dave Brailsford, is that the combined effect of tiny improvements in many areas will add up to a significant overall gain.    In cycling, everything from the design of the bike to the material of … Continue reading Marginal Gains For Darts?

Keith Deller: A Legacy in 138

Keith Deller’s momentous 1983 World Championship victory has permanent pride of place in the darting chronicles. Darting folklore has it that, as a fresh-faced 23-year old, Deller entered the tournament as the ultimate underdog. A brave qualifier who had stepped into the lion’s den to play with the big cats. The final against the late, great Eric Bristow was billed as a David meets Goliath … Continue reading Keith Deller: A Legacy in 138

Decadia: John Lowe and the 1970s

Darts World Magazine has regularly contained a sup[plement or ‘pullout’ since its redevelopment in July 2020. For DW577 we looked back at 6 decades of World Championships: 1970s – John Lowe: 3 x World Champion (BDO) Just 24 players arrived at the Heart of the Midlands Club in Nottingham to compete for the inaugural World Championships. The year was 1978 and John Lowe was amongst … Continue reading Decadia: John Lowe and the 1970s