Unsung Heroes – Kirk Shepherd

Kirk’s run in 2008 was remarkable, those who knock it are fools, yet it could have been even better! If Kirk had done nothing else he would warrant a place amongst our ‘Unsung Heroes‘. In most any other sports Kirk Shepherd’s run to the final of the World Championship of 2008 would be fondly remembered as a beacon of possibility and a wonderful fairy tale … Continue reading Unsung Heroes – Kirk Shepherd

Unsung heroes – Alan Evans

Unsung Heroes – ‘Evans the Arrow’.  IN the modern era of ‘Professional’ darts, we take it for granted that the players at the very top of the game enjoy at least ‘a good living’ from the game, this was not always the case.  Alan Evans, ‘Evans the Arrow’ has a claim to have been the first professional dart player. During the mid-seventies, he was driven from … Continue reading Unsung heroes – Alan Evans

‘Mile High’ Leaves A Vapour Trail.

In February, 2010, Mark “Mile High” Hylton began what was to be a shortish, but highly significant, test flight in the world of PDC darts. A superb take off was followed by a turbulent spell ‘cruising at altitude’ before a steep decent took him away from our view.  Mark Hylton had been around amateur darts for quite some time, including a notable appearance at the the, 2007 UK Open, before he was … Continue reading ‘Mile High’ Leaves A Vapour Trail.