Keith Deller: A Legacy in 138

Keith Deller’s momentous 1983 World Championship victory has permanent pride of place in the darting chronicles. Darting folklore has it that, as a fresh-faced 23-year old, Deller entered the tournament as the ultimate underdog. A brave qualifier who had stepped into the lion’s den to play with the big cats. The final against the late, great Eric Bristow was billed as a David meets Goliath … Continue reading Keith Deller: A Legacy in 138

Unsung Heroes – Kirk Shepherd

Kirk’s run in 2008 was remarkable, those who knock it are fools, yet it could have been even better! If Kirk had done nothing else he would warrant a place amongst our ‘Unsung Heroes‘. In most any other sports Kirk Shepherd’s run to the final of the World Championship of 2008 would be fondly remembered as a beacon of possibility and a wonderful fairy tale … Continue reading Unsung Heroes – Kirk Shepherd